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Is your dog a “flight risk?” An electric dog fence is a safe and effective way to prevent your dog from running too far away. Often referred to as “invisible fences,” electric dog fences are normally “DIY” and easy enough for anyone to install. They normally work with a collar which you can easily place on your furry friend’s neck. You can then place your wire around the yard you want to keep the dog in. This can be installed above or below the ground depending on your preferences. If you’re going underground, you don’t have to dig too deep. Around 5cm will do.

The wire emits a constant radio signal which is received by the collar. Should your pet move too close to the wire, AKA, your “invisible boundary,” the dog’s collar will emit a beep sound for your dog to hear. It will vibrate at the same time, and will continue to do so for as long as your dog remains in that area. When he or she moves away, the noise and vibration will be automatically stopped. Your dog is very clever, and it won’t take them long to start putting two and two together.

This concept is a smart way to not only keep your dogs in your yard, but to also keep them out of your flower beds, and more. This all depends on how you lay the wire! Most electric dog fences come pre-supplied with 150m of wire and, of course, the dog collar. You can add as many collars to this as you want.

If you want to get the most out of your invisible electric dog fence, it’s best to devote a little time to train your dog as soon as the new system is installed. Get them used to the invisible boundary. Why not try using some flags to aid the training along? These are often included in electric dog fence kits, providing a useful visual aid to help your dog understand the new fence and rules. During the training sessions, you can reprimand your dog every time they get too close to the fence. They’ll slowly start to understand - especially when they do get too close and feel the vibration and sound.

In our experience, we’ve noticed that it normally takes dogs no more than a few days to become accustomed to the fence. These fence systems have been found to be incredibly effective with most dogs, both big and small. In fact, we’ve found that the system works very well with cats too!

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