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Shock Collar

These collars sit against the dog’s throat and, when prompted, release a static shock. These travel through two metal prongs that touch the neck. When your dog first barks, the anti-bark collar will let out a short warning tone. Your dog might not understand what this means at first, but they will eventually! So, if the dog barks again in the next 30 seconds, the warning tone will ring again - but a little louder. If they bark yet again in the next 30 seconds, an even louder warning tone will be emitted along with a very mild shock. This is the first and lowest correction level. Each bark after this will cause the correction level to rise, if it occurs within 30 seconds of the last bark. Should your dog go for more than 30 seconds without barking, the collar’s system will automatically reset itself. Don’t worry, anti-bark collars have a built-in safety feature that causes the collar to automatically shut down if it reaches the seventh level of correction. The shock is too light to cause any harm, yet strong enough to make an impact and help your dog understand that excessive barking will result in a light shock. It’s not cruel! In fact, most manufacturers recommend that you test the shock on your own hand before using it on your dog. That’s how safe it is for use!

Citronella Bark Collar

These popular alternatives work on the same theory as shock collars (negative reinforcement), except they spray citronella-scented liquid instead! Most dogs can’t stand the smell of citronella, and if they smell it after barking, they’ll be unlikely to bark excessively again - unless there’s an emergency!

Ultrasonic Bark Collar

Sometimes just known as sonic collars, these mechanisms send out high-pitched, unpleasant sounds. Just like the other types of anti-bark dog collars, these are designed to prevent nuisance barking.

This technology makes sure that the dog’s bark collar only activates if the dog actually starts barking or is making any other form of nuisance-related noise. These types of bark collars are conveniently rechargeable and totally waterproof, meaning they’ll still work even if your dog decides to take an unplanned swim!

We know all of this information might seem overwhelming, and you might have no idea which collar is best suited to your dog. Every dog is different, which is why it’s a good idea to speak to an experienced dog owner or your local veterinarian for great advice.




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