Kangaroo Liver - Available in 100g bags

  • $10.00

100% Kangaroo Liver.

NO Additives, NO Preservatives

NO Sprays, NO Chemicals

Crunchy, easy to break pieces of Kangaroo Liver. Ideal for training or little snacks when out and about that’s packed full of anti-oxidants, omega 3 and B12 vitamin. Kangaroo is the most non-allergenic meat dogs can eat. Perfect for those sensitive stomachs and dogs prone to allergies.

- This product comes in re-sealable packaging keeping them fresher for longer.

- Expiry dates on this product will always have 12 months to consume.

- Made at a human consumption grade.

- Easy to break into bite sized pieces.

- Less than 2% fat.

- Highest level of omega 3 versus lamb, beef or pork meat.

- High concentration of natural B12 vitamin.

- Sourced in Queensland and packed in Sydney, Australia.