Going to the Dog Park? Tips for a Great Time

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Your dog scurries towards you in excitement to the sound of jingling keys as you pick up your house keys - they know it’s time for the park! Going to dog parks can be a great, fun and rewarding experience for your dog to interact with others, but it can also quickly turn sour. Here are some tips to ensure you have a great and successful time at the dog park! 

Train Your Dog Well 

When taking your dog to the park, it’s essential that they’ve gone through obedience training and can respond well to basic commands such as “sit” and “stay”. They can quickly get overly excited when in a new environment and meeting new friends, so make sure you’re confident that they will respond to you, especially if you’re letting them off their leash. Other park guests will also be more comfortable knowing your dog is well trained. You can use a quality dog training collar to get the most out of your dog’s training.

“Make sure you communicate with other pet owners at the park”

Being well trained also plays a big part in how your dogs interact with their peers. All dogs have varying personalities just like their owners and have different play styles. Whilst some love to chase, wrestle and play tug-o-war, others prefer less boisterous activities. Make sure you communicate with other pet owners at the park as well if your dog does or doesn’t play well with others so you can help prevent any awkward instances!

Ensure Your Dog is Healthy

It is absolutely crucial that your dog is up to date with all their vaccinations. With so many different dogs coming to and fro from multiple parks, this helps prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases which in the long run, ensures they live a long, healthy life! Puppies, in particular, have a higher tendency to contract illnesses so make sure you vaccinate them and only visit parks when they’re old enough (at least 12-16 weeks). Keep up with regular vet checks as well to protect your pet against any nasty bugs they may catch from their new playmates. Also, keep their treats healthy! This is particularly relevant if you’re using treats regularly to train your dog. Here are some of our best healthy dog treat ideas.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Dog

We all know that our dogs can be mischievous little beings, especially when they’re off their leash! Try to keep close tabs on what they’re doing no matter how important that text is or how interesting the other pet owner is to ensure the safety of others around you. 

Pay close attention to the body language of your dog and other dogs close to it. Understand the differences in your dog being alert, happy and friendly versus dominant, aggressive and fearful of others. After some play, your dog might indicate that it’s time to go home. Some of the signs include:

  • Tucked tail
  • Yawning
  • Panting/drooling
  • Slight shaking
  • Slowed reaction

Recognise and acknowledge the signs appropriately.

Respect Public Areas

Dog parks are to be enjoyed by everyone, so remember to play your part and keep them clean. Use dog waste bags to clean up after your dog whenever nature calls! If you do forget or run out, most dog-friendly parks and spaces have them available near general waste bins or water fountains.

Keep an eye out for signs too! Local councils usually implement rules and regulations for where pets are allowed or not, so be aware of these, particularly in areas with young children. In case you were uncertain of restrictions, it’s strongly advised you get in touch with your local council to find out more information on their specific rules and regulations.

Bring the Necessities

Along with dog waste bags, bring some water, toys and treats for your dog. Some parks provide water buckets or fountains, but they’re not always guaranteed. You can get compact water bowls and bottles that can be easily attached to leashes from most pet shops to keep your dog well hydrated at the park. Bring a ball or a similar toy so you can play and bond with your pet as well. This can also help your dog make some new friends if they’re a little shy to begin. Protip: During the initial stages of introducing your dog to parks, bring treats to reward them for good behaviour! 

When it comes to developing good dog park behaviour, consistency is essential. While not the only tool you and your pet can use, a quality, well-calibrated dog training e-collar is an excellent and safe implement that can ensure living and connecting with your dog remains a stress-free experience throughout their entire life. Dog Gear offers trusted electronic dog training collars, utilising warning tones to prompt your pup safely. With free Australian shipping and same-day dispatch, our products will be with you fast. Follow us on Facebook for the latest advice, updates and dog training tips!

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