Tech Tools for Training: Apps and Gadgets to Enhance Your Dog's Learning

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Smart people make use of smart apps and gadgets, and the same goes for smart dog owners too. Tech has made its way into practically every aspect of our lives, and it's not surprising that high-tech and smart technologies would also make their way into the lives of dogs.

What’s great is these apps and gadgets are made to help dog owners take care of their dogs, whether for training, feeding, entertainment, or safety. Dog owners who want to start training their dogs can just search an app to use and boom, they already have a guide! Training tools are widely available as well and are almost connected to an app for synchronised and well-monitored training.

These apps and gadgets make your dog’s bonding time more fun and convenient. Here is a list of suggestions as you get started on your dog’s training journey!

Gadgets to Enhance Your Dog's Learning

Remote control training collars

If your dog is testing your patience with excessive barking and undesired habits such as yanking on their leash, chewing, jumping, springing over fences, and more, a remote control dog training collar may be the answer you've been looking for.

Remote control dog training systems allow you to train your pet even when you are not physically present. You may train from a distance with your handheld transmitter, whether your dog is on or off leash. 

These collars provide a static correction in an entirely painless way. When your dog shows undesired behaviour, the device emits a completely harmless electrical sensation. Unlike automatic collars, which detect behaviour on their own, a remote dog training collar gives you control.

Anti-bark collars

In addition, anti-bark collars are often considered by some dog owners as excellent training gadgets as they provide consistent feedback to your dog when it barks excessively. When your dog barks, these collars typically emit a sound, vibration, or mild static correction. They have adjustable sensitivity levels, so you can adjust the correction to your dog's needs and temperament.

However, with these types of collars, always keep in mind that they aren't suitable for all dogs or situations. Improper use of these devices can cause stress, anxiety, and other behavioural problems in dogs. Relying solely on anti-bark collars without addressing the underlying causes of the barking behaviour, such as boredom, fear, or anxiety, may not effectively treat the issue in the long run.

Invisible Fences

An electric dog fence is a safe and practical solution to keep your dog from roaming too far. Often referred to as "invisible fences," they are considered helpful for dog training since they establish a distinct boundary for your dog without the use of physical barriers. 

In most cases, invisible fences work with a collar. The wire sends out a steady radio signal, which is detected by the collar. If your pet gets too close to the wire, often known as your "invisible boundary," the dog's collar will make a beep sound that your dog can hear. 

It will vibrate simultaneously and will continue to do so as long as your dog is in that location. When they leave, the noise and vibration will automatically stop. 

Again, it is critical to properly train and supervise dogs first to ensure that they understand their boundaries and do not grow scared or anxious. Invisible fences may not deter all dogs, and some may be ready to tolerate the correction in order to pursue stimuli outside the limit.


Dogs are natural learners who can quickly pick up cues from their surroundings . However, they frequently struggle to understand human language, and that's where clickers come in handy.

Clickers give your dog a clear and constant signal that they are doing something correctly. As a result, they are more likely to continue the behaviour in the future.

Clickers also help your dog stay motivated during training sessions. The sound of the clicker can act as a reinforcer, letting the dog know they are on the right road! Make sure to give them treats when a desired behaviour is done, so they associate the clicker’s sound to a positive experience.


A harness is a fantastic dog training tool since it improves control while also preventing unnecessary strain on your dog's neck and spine. A properly fitting harness should be snug around your dog's chest, with two fingers able to fit between the straps and the body.

Harnesses are also an excellent option for dogs who pull a lot on their leash because it helps to shift their attention and discourage excessive pulling.

Dog Treadmill

A dog treadmill is an excellent piece of training equipment, helping your dog build endurance and agility while staying indoors.

A collar and leash attached to the treadmill will keep your dog secure while it walks or runs at its own speed. Older dogs, or those suffering from arthritis, can benefit from using a treadmill to maintain muscular tone while reducing joint stress.

Keep in mind that you'll need to do some study on how to introduce your dog to a treadmill, and one of the most important things is to never leave them unsupervised!

Gadgets for Play

HurriK9 Ring Launcher

The HurriK9 Ring Launcher is an automatic ring launcher that can launch rings from up to 100 feet, an ideal gadget for recall training and teaching the 'Release' command. It is angle-adjustable to deliver different flight patterns, keeping your dog's interest on the ring. The ring is made of EVA durable foam (non-toxic), suitable for both dogs and children.

It's a great option for anyone searching for a versatile and effective dog training device. They also provide a 100% money-back guarantee!

Automatic Ball Launcher

This automatic ball launcher from All For Paws Store can help your dog with retriever training, teaching them to retrieve and return the ball. This is another helpful gadget for teaching your dog recall commands since it can be used indoors, regardless of the weather.

AFP’s Automatic Ball Launcher has adjustable distance setting, with its throwing distance of 3 gears in the far, middle, and near range. It not only gives endless fun and exercise for your beloved pet, but it also acts as an outlet to calm their emotions and relieve tension.

Household Gadgets for Dog Owners

Potty Training Doorbell

This smart gadget combines a receiver and two transmitters, allowing you to set a button on the inside and outside of the back door. When your dog needs to go potty or come back in, they can simply ring their own bell, which can be heard throughout the house and requires only a gentle touch with their nose or paw.

This is a great way to educate your dog how to ask to be let out and to communicate with you in ways other than barking or scratching at the rear door. And thousands have praised Weird Tails' Potty Training Doorbell as one of the best dog training gadgets available!

Dogness Mini Programmable Automatic Feeder

Dogness' Everyday Programmable Feeder makes your life easier and ensures that your dog is fed on a consistent basis. It can contain up to 7 litres of dry food and features an easy-to-use front programmable panel. It works without internet connection or Wi-Fi. 

The curved form makes funnelling and flowing the feed simpler. The anti-jamming dispenser prevents back-ups and blockages. You can schedule up to four meals per day and up to 39 portions per meal. It also has a built-in sealing ring and desiccant box to reduce moisture and keep food fresh.

Apps to Enhance Your Dog's Learning


GoodPup is a good choice if you're looking for private lessons with licensed and reviewed trainers. These trainers can assist with your dog's behavioural and special skills training. These trainings are held in real time, allowing you to train your dog while the trainer ensures that everything goes as planned.

GoodPup offers:

  • Private, 1-1 training sessions - each week, you can have private, one-on-one training sessions with a top-rated, expert dog trainer at home via live video call
  • 24/7 chat with experts - get answers to all of your dog parenting questions anytime you need them. Send text, photo, and video messages to your trainer and veterinary staff
  • Daily, guides and progress check-ins - provides the resources you'll need to help your dog learn quickly. Use fast, enjoyable illustrated guides to practise every day, and contact your trainer if you need assistance
  • Personalised training plan - follow a training programme designed specifically for your dog's needs. You can reschedule sessions, skip weeks, or change training topics at any time. GoodPup uses science-based, humane training methods approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association

Pupford Dog Training App

Pupford offers a 30-day free course that covers all basic training classes for your dog, including leash walking and more! With an inbuilt tracker to monitor training progress and a vast community for dog-related advice and other information, you can have all of your questions answered while also training your dog.

Pupford offers:

  • Over 100+ on-demand training classes - with Pupford Academy+, you'll have access to everything you need to learn the basics (sit, stay etc..), address behavioural challenges, control your pup's impulses, potty & crate train, and learn 20 different "show-off" tricks
  • Certified trainers - trainers at Pupford use 100% positive reinforcement techniques to help you overcome your dog's problem behaviours and form develop a deeper bond with your dog
  • 110+ dog desensitisation and training sounds - Get your favourite sounds, such as a clicker, dog barking, and squeaky toys, and you can also record your own! Start desensitising your dog or puppy to sounds before they occur in real life.
  • Access private community - receive special access to their private Facebook community, which has become an insightful resource for training questions and collaboration with dog parents


Dogo is a highly rated dog training app that includes hundreds of tips, tricks, video instructions, and obedience training skill programmes for your dog. Doggo is a one-stop shop for the majority of your training needs, as it includes a built-in training clicker and an extensive collection of dog care information.

Dogo offers:

  • Personalised training programs - Take a quick test during onboarding and the app will offer a training programme that's suited to your dog's specific needs.
  • Direct feedback from dog trainers - Send a video to Dogo's dog trainers and receive feedback on your puppy's performance within 24 hours
  • Built-in clicker - Use the built-in clicker to cut your training time by 40%!
  • You can share training with your family - Invite your family to monitor potty toilet training process, daily progress, and healthcare incidents.

Doggo has millions of monthly users and offers video tests to evaluate how your dog is doing. With a projected income of more than $160,000, Doggo is on its way to profitability!


Puppr is probably the most well-known dog training app available. Puppr uses the Clicker training approach to help you train your dog at your own pace. Puppr, which includes over 70 lessons from celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson, offers a variety of basic courses:

  • Weekly puppy guide - they have exercises to develop a strong foundation, boost socialisation, and avoid undesired behaviours
  • 100+ lessons - Puppr has it all – from basic obedience to advanced tricks!
  • Masterclasses - they provide in-depth lessons for loose leash walking, dog sports, and even earning your Canine Good Citizen certificate
  • Live chat  - chat with training experts for personalised advice

*Note: The weekly puppy guide and masterclasses are currently not available for Android

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

Teaching your dog a strong recall is critical for off-leash time. The iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker features a high-frequency dog whistle that your dog can hear even from far away. Clicker variations and squeaky toy noises are also options if your dog enjoys playing. There are also 100+ animal sounds you can use for socialisation or as a distraction while training!

Key features include:

  • Integrated high-frequency dog whistle for recall training
  • Contains clicker, animal, and squeaker toy noises
  • Interactive home screen widget for simple access
  • Reference guides for whistle, recall, and R+ training


GoDog, which offers both customised training and walking schedules, focuses on more than just training your dog how to behave. Instead, it helps you incorporate more energy-releasing activities throughout the day, so your dog is physically, cognitively, and emotionally fulfilled.

GoDog’s top features are:

  • Lessons that provide energy-releasing activities for your dog
  • Walking tracker for your dog’s daily activity
  • Health tracker for their vaccinations, grooming schedules, and vet visits
  • Clicker and whistle to improve and strengthen your dog training exercises
  • Profile sharing to keep track of your pet’s training and walking progress while they’re with your family or partner 
  • Augmented reality to watch every lesson in detail


Everydoggy is a top-rated dog training programme that will help you potty train, crate train, and prevent your dog from biting. Used by over 300,000 dog parents worldwide, it comes with a built-in dog whistle and clicker that are incredibly useful during training. 

Everydoggy’s features:

  • Video Courses - personalised puppy and adult dog training programmes tailored to your pet's needs
  • Problem-solving Guides - Learn how to manage leash tugging, house soiling, chewing, excessive barking, separation anxiety, unwanted jumping up, and more
  • Tricks and Games - Keep your dog mentally and physically busy with tricks, games, and commands that include detailed step-by-step video instructions
  • Clicker and Whistle - use the clicker specifically when your dog does the desired behaviour to reinforce this behaviour

Pocket Puppy School

Pocket Puppy School is for when you want a simple app to train your dog. This app is incredibly user-friendly and suitable for people of all ages, with everything neatly organised into categories and topics.

Some of its features are:

  • Lessons are organised as daily, bite-sized topics
  • Keeping focus is made easy by using several visuals, videos, and different kinds of text.
  • Lots of tricks to learn, including sit, down, and come
  • As you continue, you'll earn more stars and levels. They help you stay motivated during you and your dog's journey
  • Provided links to puppy-related products in case you need them

Bonus: The Rover App

During times when you can’t walk or train your dog due to work, a trip, or an event, The Rover App can connect you to local dog sitters! They offer various services, including dog boarding, house sitting, drop-in visits, doggy day care, and dog walking.

The Rover App allows you to search for and filter nearby pet sitters and dog walkers to find the best fit for you, your pets, and your schedule. Once you've chosen a sitter, you can easily schedule them and pay using the app. Keep track of your pets' adventures with in-app chats, photo updates, and GPS maps of dog walks! 

Final Thoughts

Gadgets and apps have already revolutionised dog training experiences, incorporating more precision, convenience, and fun. From interactive toys to smart collars and training apps, these technologies offer significant resources to help with training and deepen the relationship between you and your fido. 

These smart inventions provide personalised training, track progress, and promote positive reinforcement and effective communication, among other things. With these tools, you are not just training your dog, but also going on a path of connection and understanding. So, embrace these technological wonders and set off on a training trip full of love and fun!

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