A Guide to Using a Hidden Electric Dog Fence

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Do you have a dog that just doesn’t understand the boundaries? Perhaps they are too curious for their own good, escaping your home and risking danger! It’s not always possible or efficient to erect a traditional fence. They are a significant project, fixed in the ground, cost thousands of dollars and may obstruct your view. Even worse, they can be bypassed by a smart pooch - chewing through or digging under the barrier you’ve set them. If you are looking for peace of mind when containing your dog, an electric dog fence may be the perfect solution for you and your pet.

How electric dog fences work

Electric dog fences are effectively hidden barriers that set boundaries for your dog. You simply lay a wire in the ground that marks the limit your dog can travel. This hidden electric fencing system transmits a harmless radio signal via this buried wire. Your dog will also need to wear a unique collar that detects their proximity to the fence. You can connect multiple collars to each dog fence, ensuring all your dogs abide by the rules. As your dog approaches the boundary, a warning beep goes off. 

“Your dog will look to avoid the mild shock and quickly learn where they can and can’t go”

If they continue, a more significant (yet still harmless) shock will discourage them from proceeding any further. If they cross the line, the system will continue to issue stronger shocks until your dog returns to within the boundary. Naturally, your dog will look to avoid this and will quickly learn where they can and can’t go on your property - staying within established limits. The best electric dog fences will cover around five-thousand square metres (1.2 acres), making them suitable for almost any type of property.


Why you would use a hidden fencing system

There are many reasons you might want to implement a hidden electric dog fencing system on your property, including:

  • The fence and collar work safely and effectively with all sized dogs and breeds.
  • Allows your dog to have more off-leash freedom, knowing they’ll stay safe. 
  • If you are renting and can’t set up a fixed fence, it’s also portable for your next move.
  • It’s among the most reliable and cost-efficient dog containment systems available.
  • The fence system is entirely customisable - wherever you choose to lay the wire becomes the perimeter.
  • It’s invisible - it won’t block your view and no-one, except your dog, will know it’s there.
  • Contain your dog within a specific boundary or keep them out of dangerous areas, such as a pool, garden or individual rooms in your home.

If you need to contain your dog for whatever reason, a rechargeable, waterproof electric dog fence is your best bet.

How to install a wired dog fence

Once you have decided to get a fencing system for your pup, you will need to install it correctly. Once they have been set up, electric dog fences are worry-free. There are a few ways to do it, although what every method requires is a return to base. This means that the dog fence wire must begin and end at the same spot (the transmitter). 

First, lay out the wire where you would like your dog’s boundary to be. Connect both ends of the cable to the transmitter, which you can keep within your home (near your back door). The fence is now ‘live’. Set up your dog’s collar as per manufacturer instructions and take it with you as you approach the boundary you previously set. Once you know it’s working; it is time to bury the wire.

Ideally, you will need to bury the wire about 10cm into the ground to keep it safe. The easiest way to do this is to use an edger (‘whipper snipper’) to cut a thin trench in your dirt. Simply push the wire into the groove and fill it back up with soil. Done!

Get your dog under control

As we spend more time at home, now is the perfect opportunity to set up a new electric dog fence for your pup. They are affordable, easy to install and effective at containing your dog. Soon your playful pooch will be free to play in their designated area without you worrying for their safety. 

A quality electric dog fence will quickly train your dog their boundaries and give you both peace of mind. Dog Gear offers the tools you need to get your dog under control. With free Australian shipping and same-day dispatch, our products will be with you fast. Follow us on Facebook for the latest advice, updates and dog training tips!

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