Curb Your Dog’s Excessive Barking with a Citronella Spray Collar

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A barking dog is normal! Barking is a means of communication for pups and completely standard behaviour under most circumstances. However, it can certainly be a problem if it becomes excessive. No one wants to live next door to a continually barking dog. If your dog is barking unnecessarily, it can be stressful for the whole household and probably your neighbours too. 

If your dog just won’t stop barking, it helps to identify, or at least consider what triggers your dog’s behaviour. Has it been going on for a while or has it started recently? Some common triggers are boredom, fear, anxiety, territorial behaviour and a need to seek attention. These are all worth considering and addressing as best you can to reduce their reasons to bark more than they should. 

Initial steps to combat excessive barking

Of course, starting by seeking advice from your vet and ruling out any health issues is well advised for the welfare of your dog. As a responsible pet owner, you’ve done some research and maybe even tried some recommended training and behaviour modification techniques to no avail.

If some time has passed and the problem is continuing, or possibly getting worse, further action is required. A neighbour may have complained, and you’re worried the next step is receiving a knock on the door from a council inspector. If you are an average busy family – both parents at work and the kids at school all week, then your dog is spending a lot of time home alone. You obviously don’t have loads of spare time to attend to training and monitor the barking. So what else can you do?

Use citronella spray to discourage barking

A highly effective control device is an anti-bark collar. While there are many types of anti-bark collars, citronella anti-bark collars are incredibly effective, having been recommended by science for over 25 years. Citronella is a natural citrus spray, and dogs don’t like the smell of citrus! These collars are humane and suit most dogs. They are an efficient and reliable bark deterrent for your dog, ensuring your peace of mind. They help dogs of all sizes decrease or eliminate unwanted barking behaviours by using citronella spray to distract them whenever they bark. The distraction is virtually instant as the spray sound, mist and smell of citronella effectively combine to correct the dog’s behaviour. The latest products available have improved designs and reliable bark control performance, helping dogs of all sizes reduce unwanted barking behaviours.

How does a citronella spray anti bark collar work?

The dog learns to associate the spray of citronella to whenever they bark, decreasing the habit as they learn and realise they will not receive the spray if they don’t bark. The barking is detected from the vibration of your dog’s vocal cord, via an inbuilt sensor in the bark collar. The anti-bark collar will recognise your dog’s bark using a specific vibration sensor that ignores outside noises. This allows for the delivery of precise sprays - a measured amount of spray (citronella oil) is dispensed when activated. 

“Citronella spray is completely harmless for both humans and dogs and is environmentally friendly”

Some brands have different levels of spray strength, from weak to strong, depending on the size and temperament of your dog. Citronella spray is entirely harmless for both humans and dogs and is environmentally friendly. These spray collars are also suitable for dogs that have sensitive personalities - those that are easily startled but still responsive.

Remember most dogs can’t stand the smell of citronella, and if they smell it after barking, they’ll be doubtful to bark excessively again. Over a relatively short period, your dog will be able to learn how the spray anti bark collar works. You can expect a successful result with short term training for your dog if you maintain a consistent approach.

How to use a citronella anti bark collar

Encouraging your dog for good behaviour by praising them after they stop barking (when the bark collar activates) you will obtain long term results. Excessive barking will become a thing of the past, and in most cases, your dog will not need to wear the collar long term. Remember that the appropriate care and usage of the bark control collar is your responsibility, as is humane care of your dog. 

Ensure the collar is well fitted, firm but not too tight nor loose, follow your manufacturer’s product guide. You will do your dog a FAR greater service by ensuring they have a snug-fitting bark collar. This way, it emits spray that your pup can smell EVERY time rather than a loose-fitting one whose spray they feel only some of the time (inconsistency extends training time and confuses your dog). Approach the use and introduction of the bark collar with your dog calmly and reassuringly. Ideally choose a time when you will be home for a couple of days, for example, the weekend, so you are around and can monitor your dog with their new collar. Most collars have relatively long battery lives and are fully rechargeable within two hours - with a warning light indicating when battery life is getting low. Citronella spray refills are also readily available.

A quality, well-calibrated dog anti-bark collar is an excellent and safe tool that can ensure living and connecting with your dog remains a stress-free experience throughout their entire life. Dog Gear offers trusted electronic dog training collars, utilising warning tones to prompt your pup safely. With free Australian shipping and same-day dispatch, our products will be with you fast. Follow us on Facebook for the latest advice, updates and dog training tips!

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