Easy Tips for Eco-friendly Dog Training

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Dog running/training in the field

Training your dog brings about many benefits for them, for you, and the planet. Without training, they might find it hard to live their life to the fullest in the human world. 

It’s inevitable that sometimes, or most of the time, you believe your dog understands you. And that’s possible– if you teach them! 

A good dog owner is responsible for training their dog. No matter the dog’s age, breed, or behavior, every dog will benefit from learning to obey good rules and instructions. 

Why you need to train your dogs

Training protects them

The world is full of hazards that can harm your dog. Obedience training helps them listen to your commands, and when they listen, they are less likely to get into danger when unrestrained.

For example, dogs don’t know how a road works. They could run wild and might get hit by a car. If you teach them to sit and wait before crossing, and this behavior was instilled in them, they are already saved from potential accidents when you’re not around.

Training teaches them life skills

When you train your dog, you are teaching them life skills they need to live with humans and interact with fellow dogs. 

Before training them, observe how they cope in certain situations. If they are overly excited when new people come in, teach them to greet calmly without jumping. When they are scared of unfamiliar people, putting them behind a baby gate or in their room takes pressure off of them.

Some may think domestic dogs have it easy, but they still need to adjust to domestic life and home environments. 

Training makes them sociable

Social enjoyment boosts your dog’s confidence, which helps them deal with the pressure of domestic life. 

Socialization doesn’t mean they have to be in physical contact with fellow dogs or humans. It means exposing them to different social situations and giving them good experiences. In the presence of different people, dogs, and places, teach them basic manners so they know how to act.

When these encounters give them good experiences, they’ll be more relaxed, approachable, and sociable with each interaction.

Training alleviates stress

When dogs are stressed and scared, they can be aggressive. Training reduces the stress and pressure they’re feeling, especially in a new environment. 

Training your dog enforces a language of communication between you two, and this makes them feel safe and secure. When you invest time training them, you give them more ways to understand the human world, which helps reduce their stress.

Training helps you understand your dog better 

Spending time with your dog helps you understand their needs. Positive training allows you to have a good relationship with your dog built in mutual trust and respect. In return, you get to live happily with them, as you both understand and listen to each other.

Easy Tips for Eco-friendly Dog Training

You feel fulfilled when your well-trained dog displays good manners. You can extend that self-satisfaction by also taking good care of the environment that other animals live in. 

Here are easy tips for eco-friendly dog training. 

Establish scheduled potty breaks

Unexpected potty breaks calls for unexpected cleanups and results in a horrid dog smell in your home in the long run. You have to use cleaners and towels that add to your household waste.

Train your dog to go on scheduled potty breaks. You can let them go outside and save the potty pads or the cleaning supplies for bad weather. 

Be patient with them, though, as they can have a hard time following the schedule at first.

Use eco-friendly poop bags

Approximately, a dog poops 274 pounds a year, and that equates to lots of plastic poop bags. Cleaning up after your dog is always the right thing to do, as dog poop is harmful to the environment– the soil, the waterways, the air– but using plastic doesn’t make it any better. 

Instead, use biodegradable or recyclable dog poop bags. 

Just make sure that the “biodegradable” claim is certified and qualified, because some of them are deceiving. Research about the product so you’re assured that you’re helping the planet go green.

You can also use a dog poop bag dispenser while walking your dog outside. It holds all your poop bags tightly in place until you need to use another one. 

Use collars and leash

Collar and leash are good for training your dog in an area that’s not fenced. It prevents them from wandering off to unfamiliar places. 

Bark collars are excellent tools to use in dog training. It helps with positive reinforcement and builds structure in your dog-owner relationship. Bark collars instill consistent messages to your dogs that improve their sense of discipline. 

Here’s how you can do positive reinforcement with anti-bark collars: when your dog stops barking, you give them a treat. Now you are the good owner who rewards them as they learn self-control. 

Reward your dogs for good behavior

As mentioned above, positive reinforcement is important in dog training. Punishments can only harbor negative feelings and affect their behaviors, while positive reinforcement goes a long way.

When your dog shows good behavior, reward them with treats, pet them, or give them verbal praises. They can learn rules much faster that way.

Make your own treats or buy in bulk

Instead of buying small amounts of treats and all their respective foil and plastic packaging,, buy in bulk. This reduces your plastic waste. Better yet, you can buy ingredients and make dog treats yourself– you don’t even need plastic packages. They’re even better because you can make treats you know are good for your dog! 

Before making your DIY dog treats, just keep in mind that some food are not good for dogs. Do your research and find out what’s healthy and enjoyable for them.

Shop from eco-friendly brands

You can only do so much to keep your dog training harmless to the environment. Eco-friendly brands offer ready-made products that will spare you the effort of turning things eco-friendly by yourself.

Whether it’s treats, poop bags, toys, leashes, and other pet essentials, shop from brands that make an effort in reducing your dog’s environmental footprint.

Dog training is a good way of improving your dog’s life. It strengthens their relationship with you, their fellow dogs, animals and the environment. Dog Gear has a wide selection of high-quality bark collars and dog fence systems that will aid in training. Check out our items and start a disciplined, peaceful and fun dog training journey with your furry baby.

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