How to Get Rid of Dog Smell

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dog owner covering his nose because of dog smell

Dog smell is easily recognizable when you come in from outside and it has a number of causes. You need to address the cause. Having your dogs inside your house and seeing them play, eat and sleep gives you both happiness and a sense of fulfillment– that gratifying I raised him/her feeling. 

But that bubble bursts when an intrusive, unpleasant odor starts to irritate your nose. Worse, when you are used to the smell but your guests wrinkle their noses and break it to you. 

There are plenty of ways to get rid of dog smell.  All you need is the right tools and equipment, all while keeping your dog tucked safely inside your house.

Why do dogs smell bad?

First, you need to be aware of the reasons why your dog, or any other dog, smells bad.

Mouth Odor

Just like people, dogs get bad breath too. The buildup of tartar and plaque on their teeth affects the smell of their mouth and saliva. You also need to watch out for gum diseases that can harbor small bits of food and produce a rotten smell.

Ear infection

A healthy ear usually fights off bacteria, but if your dog suffers from hormonal imbalance or allergies, the yeast and bacteria can increase dramatically, causing a foul smell.

Unhealthy diet

If your dog’s gas attacks are deadly, they probably ate something they shouldn’t have, or the food doesn’t agree with their stomach.

Some breeds are known for their gas issues, like pugs, bulldogs, boxers. It’s because their cute, squished-up faces means they inhale air with their mouths while eating, so they can get gassy. But excessive gas is not normal for all dogs. Check their diet.  

Impacted anal sacs

Anal sacs are the two small scent sacs located in your dogs’ bottom. These sacs are filled with a foul-smelling substance that are sometimes secreted when your dog poops.

Impacted anal sacs causes discomfort and pain to your dogs, and this produces an intensely smelly secretion that sticks to hair and fur.

Skin problems

Skin inflammation can be caused by seasonal or food allergies, and this can lead into excessive oil discharge with a foul, musty smell.

Any dog can get a skin infection that smells bad if the skin’s normal barriers are broken down by prolonged dampness, allergies, hormonal disorders, allergic dermatitis, and so on.

Lack of grooming

Of course, a dirty dog will smell bad! They get bacteria, mud, dust, and more while playing inside and outside. If your dog doesn’t get regular baths, don’t wonder why they smell bad.

How to keep your dog smelling fresh

Do a dental hygiene routine

Depending on the state of their teeth, your dog might need a dental cleaning at the vet. At home, normalize brushing your dog’s teeth regularly. Don’t use human toothpaste as fluoride is poisonous to dogs. Use dog toothpaste or dog mouthwash.

Give them chew toys to clean their teeth and strengthen their gums. Just make sure the  toys are not too hard for their teeth.

Even with all your might, you cannot clean your dog’s teeth perfectly. Schedule a routine dental cleaning at the vet.

Check their ears

Make sure you check and clean their ears well and often. Use solutions that’ll get earwax out, and do not use Q-tips or cotton swabs as they would only push them down.

Yeast and bacteria thrive in warm and moist areas, so always keep the folds in their skin and ears dry and clean. Dry their ears after swimming or bathing.

Follow a healthy diet

If you suspect that your dog’s diet is the cause of the smelly gas attacks and bad breath, consult your vet so you can start a regimen not just for a healthy diet but to check for intolerances and allergies.  Remember that not all dogs are the same, so don’t just blindly follow someone else’s dog’s diet.

Bathe your dog regularly

Most dogs require a bath once a month, while dogs with longer coats may require more frequent baths. An organic dog shampoo is perfect to wash their hair with non-toxic, hormone-free elements that will help them avoid skin allergies, scratching sores or bacterial infections.

Don’t overbathe. This can dry out your dog’s skin and cause more problems. 

If they’re not show dogs, trim their hair regularly to keep them cool and clean and avoid matted fur. Clip their nails when they are soft after a bath. 

Wash your dog’s belongings

It’s important to regularly wash all items that your dog uses on a regular basis. Wash and dry their bed covers, cushion covers, pet blankets, and laundry-safe furniture. 

Clean their toys, bowls, collars and leashes too. All of these can easily attract bacteria so don’t forget to wash them.

How to get rid of dog smell in your house 

Well sometimes, even if your dog is all cleaned, the smell still lingers in the house. That’s because the scent stays in fabrics, furniture, and toys.

Vacuum frequently

Vacuum more often than you think you should, as dander, hair, and fur might be hiding and not cleaning them right away can cause a foul smell some time later on. Consider professional cleaning and shampooing for upholstery and carpets. 

For clothes or fabric, you can use a fur lint reusable brush remover to remove your dog’s fur on sofas, car seats, carpets, etc.  It’s very convenient; no tapes or refills needed.

Neutralize odor

When it comes to neutralizing dog smell, people swear by baking soda. Baking soda is a fantastic odor neutralizer because it reacts with acidic smells, like those from dog urine.

Sprinkle an ample amount onto fabric that can’t be washed, cushions, your pet beds– let it sit for a few minutes then vacuum it up.

For more severe pet odors, vinegar is an amazing natural cleaning option. Spray carpets or floors with vinegar diluted with a little water. Or, for an even stronger odor-eliminating punch, mix it with baking soda on cushions or bedding.

You can also use a potty pad to train your dog where to go. A good dog has manners that won’t stink up the house. 

Clear your filters

To increase airflow and circulation in your home, replace the air filters in the heating and cooling systems. Air that is stagnant can smell bad. You can also invest in a good air purifier for your home.

Air out your house

Sometimes, all it takes is to let all the bad air out.  Open the windows and doors to shoo stagnant air away and bring fresher air in. 

A dog fence is handy so you can open doors without being scared about your dog’s safety. They stay inside your backyard and don’t get dirty or bring home anything nasty from unsupervised exploring. 

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