How to Work from Home with a Playful Pooch

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COVID-19 has caused most of us to shift our workspace to our home environment. While this is a blessing for many, it can be wrought with many unexpected challenges. How do we stay productive while avoiding distractions? Whether your children are schooling from home or your partner is on their conference call, your usual work environment has been disrupted. Your dog probably loves the new attention; however, your colleagues probably don’t appreciate their barking interrupting your daily team meeting. 

You probably haven’t spent this amount of time around your family before, including your pets. As stressful as the current period is, we don’t need any more stressors or distractions from our necessary work and commitments. Here are a few essential strategies you can implement immediately to ensure you thrive working from home, alongside your playful pooch and other pets.


Put Your Door on Silent

What gets your dog going like nothing else? As exciting as it is to get notified of a new delivery or a rare ‘essential’ visitor, your doorbell’s got to go. Your door will inevitably distract you at all the wrong times - phone, doorbell and your dog’s barking blaring all at once as you try to finalise your weekly spend report. Minimise distractions by placing your personal phone on silent and removing (or taping over) your doorbell. If door knocks still set your dog off, put up a sign. Keep your home workspace zen by muting competing sounds and other triggers for your excitable pets.


Dogs Need Entertainment

Make sure your dog doesn’t get bored! Your playful pup will no doubt enjoy playing with a toy that challenges their senses and puzzle-solving abilities. Toys that let you put treats inside them are very stimulating for your dog and will keep them entertained for hours. 

 “Try freezing some peanut butter, fruit and carrots for a quick treat”

If you don’t have access to a bone or other chew toy that your dog loves, try freezing some peanut butter, fruit and carrots for a quick treat. These are great to keep your dog entertained for a short while why you hop on an urgent call or meeting.


Have Purposeful Breaks. Get in Some Exercise

Use the flexibility of working from home to your advantage. There will be times when you have little work to do, no meetings to attend or just aren’t feeling productive. Set regular breaks to keep your mind fresh and your body moving. These breaks are a purr-fect opportunity to get in some quality exercise with your pets. If you’re able to get outside, take your dog for an extra-long walk over your lunch break, if not play a few rounds of fetch in the backyard. 

“A tired dog is a good dog!”

Not only will it be good for your productivity, but your pet will also get the attention and exercise they crave. A tired dog is a good dog! Enjoy your peace in the afternoon as your playful pup hits their siesta.


Be Upfront. Your Colleagues Might be in the Same Boat

Recently we attended a webinar where one of the hosts’ phone rang during their presentation. Instead of letting it ruin the flow, the other presenter acknowledged that their dog was also causing mischief, even though the audience would never have known. We all have little things going on at home, whether that’s children, pets or other pressing commitments. Being upfront can lighten to mood and let people know there’s nothing wrong with having a life outside of work - an increasingly important concept as the lines continue to blur. Have a laugh and move on, it’s OK!


Use an E-Collar to Control Your Dog’s Excessive Barking

If your dog is too excitable and difficult to control, consider an electronic dog barking collar. While not a permanent solution, e-collars can be effectively and safely used to minimise their bad behaviour. E-collars use mild stimuli, such as high-pitched sound, vibrations and mild-static to discourage excessive barking and reinforce obedience. When you’re busy working or about to join a meeting where you need peace and quiet, switching your dog’s e-collar could be a great move. Over time, your dog will learn to associate your work with quiet time, making working from home with pets a breeze.

If you’re looking to make sure your dog remains well behaved when you need to focus on your work, a quality, well-calibrated dog training e-collar can become an incredibly useful tool. Use e-collars to limit your excited pup’s excessive barking or improve your training sessions with them. Dog Gear offers trusted e-collars, utilising warning tones to distract your barking pup safely. With free Australian shipping and same-day dispatch, our products will be with you fast. Follow us on Facebook for the latest advice, updates and dog training tips!

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