4 Pup Lifestyle Tricks for a Happier and Better Behaved Dog!

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Life is hectic at the best of times, let alone the added stress and disruptions of the last few months. Priorities have changed, and most of our lifestyles have had to adapt as we spend more time at home. Working from home, schooling you children, financial and mental challenges - it all adds up and takes a toll! Even though we see them more, our pets may have taken a backseat as walks become less frequent and adventures to the park become a distant memory. 

While you undoubtedly adore them more than ever, it can be incredibly challenging to be the owner that you know your loved dog deserves. Grooming, feeding, playtime and training your pup can become overwhelming - it’s understandable and reasonable. To help out, we’ve put together four lifestyle tricks to ensure your dog is operating at their best, let’s take a look.

Ensure Your Dog’s Eating Right

Making simple changes can go a long way to improving your dog’s health, happiness and overall wellbeing. There is a massive range of pet foods, from homemade recipes to commercial mixes packed with more buzzwords than actual substance. It can be extremely confusing to know what’s right for your pet, even with your vet’s advice. 

“Supplements can give your pet a boost full of all the minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins they need to be their best”

Treats are a standard training tool used to reward good pups; however, too many may be harmful to your pet, so use them in moderation. An alternative is to create some delicious healthy snacks from fruit, such as a frozen banana - there are no additives, and your dog will surely love the chew! Regardless of your pet’s diet, there’s a simple way to ensure they’re getting all the nutrients they need - doggy supplements! Sprinkling a small amount of a well-regarded pooch supplement gives your pet a boost full of all the minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins they need to be their best!


Prioritise Your Pup in Your Routine

While life can be busy, downtime is essential in maintaining your own health, let alone your pet’s. Outside of work, consider what your daily activities revolve around. For most of us, any free time is filled with social media, computers and television. Does your dog get any pleasure from these activities? While they might enjoy cuddling with you as you relax with your favourite TV show, they’d probably rather be outside exploring. 

When you can, prioritise playing with your keen pup before anything else, whether that’s taking them from a walk or playing fetch in the back yard. Your dog craves activity for their health and wellbeing, so make sure they get it. Not only will they be physically healthier, but their mind will also be calmer - a tired dog is a well-behaved dog!


Toys! Where Are They?

When you’re not around or busy with other tasks, make sure your dog has an outlet to entertain themselves. It’s not enough to just buy your pets some toys and leave it at that. Do they have a compartment to add treats? Top them up regularly. Does there seem to be far less than usual? Check under furniture and collect toys that have gone astray.

“Broken toys can cause a serious health hazard to your playful pooch”

It’s essential to regularly inspect your dog’s toys and identify if they’ve encountered any damage. Broken toys can cause a severe health hazard to your playful pooch, as sharp edges may risk cuts and small debris acts as a chocking or internal hazard if swallowed. 


Use Dog Training Collars

Does your dog bark excessively or becomes uncontrollably restless quickly? Dog training collars are a very effective and safe option to improve your dog’s behaviour as a training tool. Dog training collars use mild stimuli, such as a high-pitched sound, vibration or mild-static to discourage excessive barking and reinforce obedience and good behaviour. 

You can switch your dog’s training collar on when you head out for a training session or to prevent barking when you need to leave them alone. Over time, your dog will learn what you expect from them and the behaviour you find acceptable as their owner. The greater understanding you have of one another increases the chances of a happy and well-behaved pup.

A quality, well-calibrated e-collar is a great & safe tool that can make living with your prized pet a breeze. Dog Gear offers trusted dog training anti-bark collars, utilising warning tones to distract your barking pup safely. With free Australian shipping and same-day dispatch, our products will be with you fast. Follow us on Facebook for the latest advice, updates and dog training tips!


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