The Most Common Reason for ALL Dog Behaviour Problems and How to Fix It

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We all love our dogs, but just like children, they're not always perfect no matter how hard we try. Pet owners all over the world deal with the same puppy issues every day. Whether it's rumbustious walking, aggressive behaviour or incessant barking throughout the day, the list doesn't seem to end. There are many reasons why each of these unruly may occur. However, they usually stem from the same underlying cause. This article will dispel the common excuses for lousy doggy behaviour, explain the real reason and offer solutions to improve or eliminate many common problems that you and your puppy pal might be facing. 


Your Dog's Behaviour is Not Due to their Breed or Age

Certain breeds of dogs may indeed be more likely to cause issues, but it is not the underlying cause. It's a mistake to blame this as the drive for a dog's behaviour. Firstly, it can't be changed, so shifting the responsibility will do nothing to solve the problem. If you raise a pet expecting it to be aggressive, then that's exactly what it will learn to be. The rules are the same, no matter the breed or age of the dog. You would train and raise each dog the same way in this regard while instead appealing to their unique personality traits.

Each dog is different, with their character driving their requirements from you as an owner and a puppy parent. Learn your unique dog and apply fundamental training principles on an individual basis to get the result you want - never write them off due to their breed or age!


A Dog is a Dog, Not a Human!

You can't treat a dog the same way as a human. We have different drivers and understanding of the world. Humans created the modern world we live in, your pet does not comprehend the intricacies of a television or a mobile smartphone, only that it makes an annoying noise on occasion.

"Instead of expecting them to act like a human, provide an alternative outlet"

When a dog chews on your furniture or shoes and digs up the yard in your absence, they're just exercising their doggy nature. Instead of expecting your pet to act like a human, provide them with an alternative outlet, such as a chew toy or play pit. Your dog will thank you for letting them be just that, a dog.


Your Pooch Has Too Much Responsibility

According to experts, the underlying reason for most of your dog's behavioural issues is that they have too much responsibility. To appeal to your pup's deeply ingrained instincts, someone must step up as the leader of the pack. They seek to learn, trust and serve this leader. The leader should be their owner, you. Without a sense of trust in your direction, your dog may take your family's well being into their own hands, resulting in unruly behaviour, such as protective or dominant aggression and barking.


How Can You Solve This?

You need to guide your dog, ensuring they get the answers for how to behave in a contemporary world they don't naturally understand. Your dog needs you to take the lead (literally and figuratively), training them correctly and setting their mind at ease that what they're doing is right or wrong. Your dog needs to trust you and the answers you give them. 

Reward good behaviour with treats and playtime while discouraging bad actions with tools to guide your dog towards an alternative. Spend quality time with your dog when possible, whether that's a daily walk or playing fetch in the backyard. Understanding what makes your pet tick and their unique personality is more powerful than teaching them one trick.


Consider an E-Collar to Correct Your Dog's Behaviour

If your dog needs a reminder of what behaviour to avoid, consider an electronic dog training collar (e-collar). E-collars can be very effectively and safely used to minimise their bad behaviour. Dog training collars use mild stimuli, such as high-pitched sound, vibrations and mild-static to discourage excessive barking and reinforce obedience. You can switch your dog's e-collar on when you head out to prevent excessive barking, while you treat the underlying cause of their behaviour. 

"E-collars are a great, safe tool that can make living with your prized pet a breeze"

Over time, your dog will learn what you expect from them and the behaviour you find acceptable as the leader of the family. The best dog training collars will also come with a remote control, allowing you far more control over how to train your dog, especially when you're out and about. 

A quality, well-calibrated e-collar is a great & safe tool that can make living with your prized pet a breeze. Dog Gear offers trusted e-collars, utilising warning tones to distract your barking pup safely. With free Australian shipping and same-day dispatch, our products will be with you fast. Follow us on Facebook for the latest advice, updates and dog training tips!

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